About Us

Project GOAT stands for Global Organization Asset Tokenization. Our ambition is to become the first digital platform that fans can really OWN shares of their teams.


Provide opportunities to deeply connect with the sports teams (for fans)
Provide chances to invest in the best performing assets (for investors)
Provide liquidity to illiquid real-world assets (for owners)
Provide compliant tokenization/crypto solutions (for society)

How can fans own the teams?

Owning shares of professional sports teams is never easy. But we believe the impact of a strong community of fans can give us great advantages. While there are many unanswered questions, we have a general blueprint in mind:

1. Start from building a fandom community
2. Form a company to sort out regulation stuff
3. Connect with players and investors
4. Build a web3/crypto platform for sports
5. Make a deal with team owners
6. Bring team shares to everyone in the community